The Wrestling Patient

March 27 - April 11, 2009

Written by Kirk Lynn in collaboration with Anne Gottlieb
Directed by Katie Pearl
Set Design by Richard Wadsworth Chambers
Lighting Design by Franklin Meissner Jr.
Costume Design by Charles Schoonmaker
Sound Design by Ben Emerson

A World Premiere! This extraordinary new play is based on the true story of Dutch Jewish writer, Etty Hillesum. As WWII engulfs her native Amsterdam, Etty is confronted with a remarkable choice: to hold onto a kind of integrity, or to save her own life. With the help of a charismatic teacher, she enters into the emerging science of psychology and wrestles to answer the demons of her time by looking within herself. The Wrestling Patient brings to light Etty’s secret history of musical evenings, therapeutic wrestling matches, black-market strawberries, and midnight prayers. Her story is one of an amazing transformation during one of the darkest hours in history.


Anne Gottlieb… Etty Hillesum
Will Lyman… Julius Spier
Daniel Berger-Jones… Jaap
Joel Colodner… Louis “Father” Hillesum
Tom Gottlieb… Mischa
Marya Lowry… Riva “Mother” Hillesum
Will McGarrahan… Wrecking Ball


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