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announcing a “BOLD conversation!”

Join us for a post-show conversation!October 2nd, following the 3 PM matinee. “America 2022: Exploration of the Divide” Will Arbery’s Heroes of the Fourth Turning provides a glimpse of a worldview (long present in our civic discourse) that has increasingly imposed itself …

Let’s Have a Big Conversation!

Production photo from Heroes of the Fourth Turning

an essay by Heroes of the Fourth Turning Dramaturg Regine Vital When I first heard about Heroes of the Fourth Turning, my immediate thought was: “In 2022, do I really care about four white Catholic conservatives chatting in Wyoming?” It’s …


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An Interview with Director Paul Daigneault

Briefly, what is The Prom all about?The Prom tells the story of four self-absorbed Broadway veterans, who, in an effort to revitalize their flagging careers, head to Indiana to help a young girl named Emma take her girlfriend to the prom of their …

An Interview with Director Seonjae Kim

Wild Goose Dreams does one of the most daring things a play can do in the 21st Century – try to represent the digital world of the internet on stage. How does Jung portray cyberspace, and what challenges or opportunities do you see in staging it?Jung’s cyberspace …

An Interview with Director Pascale Florestal

Fairview as a play is famously hard to talk about without giving spoilers — what CAN you tell us about this show? I can tell you that the play explores what it means to be viewed in the white gaze. I don’t …


Director Melory Mirashrafi

What is the play English all about?At its core, English is about humanization. The play follows four Iranian students as they take an advanced English language class in preparation for the TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foregin Language, but it’s so much …

An Interview with Director Marianna Bassham

Director Marianna Bassham.

What is Heroes of the Fourth Turning all about?Heroes of The Fourth Turning tracks one late evening in the lives of four young people who have gathered for an event at “The Transfiguration College of Wyoming (TCW),” one week after the Charlottesville Riots, …

Announcing Our 2022-23 Season!

Asaka and the cast members of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND dance to the song Mama Will Provide

HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING by Will ArberyDirected by Marianna Bassham SEP 9 – 0CT 8, 2022 WINNER! 2020 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play! One week after the Charlottesville riots in 2017, four young conservatives gather in a Wyoming …

The Inheritance Photos

A production photo from THE INHERITANCE

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40 Years and Counting: A Timeline of the AIDS Epidemic

Over the course of its epic six-hour run time, Matthew López’s The Inheritance examines all of gay life — the past, the present, and the future. However, the conversations that this play seeks to have are inextricably linked to the …

Once on This Island Production Photos

Ti Moune, played by actress Peli Naomi Woods, dances in a red dress in front of the cast of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, and onlooking audience members.

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