Theater Leadership

Theater Leadership

Paul Daigneault
Paul F. Daigneault (he/him)
Producing Artistic Director
Paul Melone
Paul Melone (he/him)
General Manager / Production Manager
Cathi Ianno
Cathi Ianno (she/her)
Director of Development
Jim Torres
Jim Torres (he/him)
Director of Marketing & Communications
Alex Lonati
Alex Lonati (she/her)
Community Programs & Events Manager
Evan Turissini
Evan Turissini (he/him)
Creative Services & Social Media Manager
Dominique D. Burford (she/her)
Associate Manager of Production & Operations
Jenna Rehrig (she/her)
Development Associate
Raúl Ávila Muñoz
Raúl Ávila Muñoz (they/them)
Artistic & Community Engagement Fellow
Jolie Frazer-Madge
Jolie Frazer-Madge (she/her)
Artistic & Literary Fellow

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of SpeakEasy Stage, holding us in trust for the public. Through advocacy, financial contributions, and active committee participation, our Board:

  • Sets overall policy
  • Champions SpeakEasy in the community
  • Approves our annual budget
  • Exercises oversight of general operations
  • Michael Appell
  • Alex Baker
  • Cathy Cotton
  • Paul Daigneault, President
  • Danné Davis
  • Kerry A. Dowling
  • Jonathan Dyer
  • Andrew Fullem, Chair
  • Constance Gist Guindo
  • Susan Irvings
  • Suzette Martin
  • Peter Palladino
  • Joey Riddle
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Alejandro Simoes
  • Ann Teixeira
  • Clea Winneg

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a diverse volunteer group comprised of artists and arts leaders, community activists, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. SpeakEasy’s Board of Advisors expand support, community, and leadership for the company through the following initiatives:

  • Expanding SpeakEasy’s community by opening doors for strategic partnerships and new fans.
  • Supporting the growth of SpeakEasy through financial support & volunteer activities.
  • Socializing and celebrating SpeakEasy at shows and events.
  • Michael Appell
  • Bob Band
  • Gene Bauer & Ellen Shortell
  • Susan Black
  • Brian Bourquin & Paul Mataras
  • Gregory Bulger & Richard Dix
  • A. Joseph Castellana & Jim Seligman
  • David Freeman Coleman
  • Stacey & Chris Constas
  • Anne d’Avenas
  • Richard Davies
  • Tom Formicola & Lenny Goldstein
  • Joe Gimbel & Jo Strobel
  • Meegan Gliner
  • Curly Glynn
  • Laura Haas
  • Ken Hirschkind
  • Robby Morse Levy
  • Keith MacDonald & Thomas Webber
  • Ben Manthei
  • Jeffrey Mello
  • Roberta Orlandino
  • Grace Parker
  • Jackie & Robert Pascucci
  • Ellen Piccioli
  • Kenneth & Rise Shepsle
  • Hal Tepfer
  • Sandra Weinstein
  • Hannah Weisman
  • Angela Yarde
  • Julianne Yazbek

A Lasting Gift

Please consider making a philanthropic gift to SpeakEasy Stage today. Your donation will make a significant impact on our ability to produce SpeakEasy's unique brand of entertaining, thought-provoking, and compelling theatre. Thank you!


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