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Road Show Spectacular

Playwright Walt McGough


Find out what to expect from The SwellTime Variety Hour and how it got its inspiration from old-time radio shows.

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A Future Perfect

Ken Urban: “What do we believe in?”


You’re a musician as well as a playwright; when did that start? I’ve always played music. I started in high school and was in a band for a long time, but it kind of fell off the radar in college and grad school. When I was getting the first early productions of my plays in […]

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Necessary Monsters

Notes from Dramaturg Walt McGough


“We do not know what the dragon means, just as we do not know the meaning of the universe, but there is something in the image of the dragon that is congenial to man’s imagination, and thus the dragon arises in many latitudes and ages.  It is, one might say, a necessary monster, not some […]

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Necessary Monsters

Here There be MONSTERS


SpeakEasy Stage: How did the two of you first start working together? David R. Gammons: I’d been aware of John’s work as a local celebrity— John Kuntz: Oh, pshaw. DRG: —and was about to direct Titus Andronicus for Actors’ Shakespeare Project. This was back in 2007. When we made a decision to make Titus an […]

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Bad Jews

BAD JEWS Playwright Joshua Harmon


Playwright Joshua Harmon talks about the origins of BAD JEWS, its ideas of remembrance and memorial, and whether it’s objectively possible to be a “bad” member of any culture.

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Far From Heaven

Capturing Heaven


For the past 20 years, Scott Frankel and Michael Korie have established themselves as one of the most dynamic composer/lyricist teams in musical theatre. Artistic Associate Walt McGough spoke to both men about their process on “Far From Heaven.”

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