Interview with Pop-Up Party Director and Producer Alex Lonati

Sunday, November 5, 2017
Carrie Nation Cocktail Club
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SpeakEasy Presents:

SpeakEasy’s Pop-Up Prohibition Party

Sunday, November 5, 2017
Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

We interviewed SpeakEasy’s Pop-Up Prohibition Party director and producer Alex Lonati, who gave us an inside look on what this ritzy show and party will be like.


SpeakEasy (S): You’ve directed SpeakEasy’s fall benefits in the past, what is different about this year’s?
Alex Lonati (AL): The major difference between this year’s benefit and those we have produced in the past is the location. This year, we are taking the show out of the theater and instead, offering a truly immersive experience for guests and performers alike. We will be paying homage to our name and throwing a “SpeakEasy speakeasy”, if you will, at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club, a swanky, prohibition-era restaurant downtown. The audience will feel like a part of the action, with artists spontaneously jumping up and serenading the room, crazy surprise guests making everyone laugh, and lots of food, drink, and fun.

S: What are you most excited about for the show and party?
AL: What’s not to be excited about? Carrie Nation is the perfect venue for this event, with its vintage decor, delicious menu, and expansive bar. We have a pretty spectacular line-up of performers and lots of fun musical selections. And I always love an excuse to dress-up (though the idea of costumes should not scare anyone away either – folks should dress to whatever level they feel comfortable)! It will definitely be a night to remember!

S:Why do people need to come to this benefit?
AL: Our fall benefit is the perfect way to support SpeakEasy’s mission and the work we do, while also enjoying a fabulous evening on the town. This year, we have tiered tickets, starting as low as $25, so the event is even more accessible than usual. And it truly will just be such a glamorous and entertaining celebration with some wonderfully talented SpeakEasy friends. I really hope folks turn up for this one – there will be enough giggle water at this juice joint for all!

And how! Get your SpeakEasy Pop-Up Prohibition Party tickets for an ab-so-lute-ly incredible night.