Play Discussion Club

Join us for our SpeakEasy Play Discussion Club, a weekly discussion surrounding some of today’s most exciting scripts! Participation is free, but you may need to purchase some of the scripts. Sign up for as many sessions as you’d like, read the play on your own time, and then join SpeakEasy staff and artists for an online conversation about the play’s major themes and impact on the American theatre canon.

For the next series of SpeakEasy’s Play Discussion Club we will be Honoring Asian Diaspora Storytelling with four plays that explore lives, stories, characters, and culture from Asian and Asian-American playwrights. We invite you to join us for lively discussions about each play’s themes and relevance to our time.

This series will be hosted by local poet/performer Micah Rosegrant.

**SpeakEasy will be able to provide a limited number of complimentary scripts per week. If you require one of these scripts, please email Underwritten scripts will be provided on a first come, first served basis.**


White Pearl by Anchuli Felicia King
Thursday, October 22, 5:30-6:30pm
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In Singapore, Clearday™ has developed from a small start-up company to a leading international cosmetic brand in less than a year. But when a draft of the company’s latest skin cream advert is leaked, the video goes viral globally for all the wrong reasons.

YouTube views are in the thousands and keep climbing; anger is building on social media; and journalists are starting to cover the story. This is an international PR nightmare; the company cannot be seen to be racist, they’ve got to get it taken down before America wakes up.

Purchase the e-script or hard copy for White Pearl here.

NOTE: We recommend the e-script, as hard copies would ship from the UK. You will need to download an app (called Abbott Reader) to read the e-play.


Lavender Men by Roger Q. Mason
Thursday, October 29, 5:30-6:30pm
With a guest appearance by playwright Roger Q. Mason
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Contemporary gender non-conformist Taffeta (they/them) plays post-mortem matchmaker to Abe Lincoln and his queer legal assistant Elmer Ellsworth, only to realize they are the one who needs real love healing.

Purchase a PDF copy of the script for $5 here


NOTE: There will be no session the week of Oct 31 – Nov 6. Go vote!



House of Joy by Madhuri Shekar
Thursday, November 12, 5:30-6:30pm
With a guest appearance by playwright Madhuri Shekar
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Set some time like the 17th century, in some place like Delhi, India, House of Joy tells the story of Hamida, an elite female bodyguard in the Emperor’s Imperial Harem. Faced with an impossible ethical quandary, Hamida tries to help an abused Queen escape the heavily guarded harem, thus risking her life and going against everything she was raised to believe. A swashbuckling action-adventure romance inspired by the legends of Indian history.

An electronic copy of the play will be provided to all participants free of charge.


Do It For Umma by Seayoung Kim
Wednesday, November 18, 5:30-6:30pm
With a guest appearance by playwright Seayoung Yim
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In this surreal comedic detective story, the ghost of Hannah’s recently deceased mother returns to haunt the Korean convenience store she once ran with an iron fist, shaming, cajoling, and needling her daughter into avenging her extremely suspicious death. While Hannah’s older brother shirks off familial duties in favor of a romantic tryst with the local dry-cleaning maven, Hannah embarks on an epic mission to piece together the clues that will lead her to Umma’s killer. Featuring a chorus of ajummas and a healthy dose of revenge, Do It for Umma is an absurd tragicomedy about a young woman trying to gain her mother’s approval and protect her family’s honor in the strangest of circumstances.

Purchase a PDF copy of the script for $5 here



Micah Rosegrant is a poet unlearning fear of their own rage to center presence, magic, and history in their work of locally dismantling oppression. Micah co-founded Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston (AATAB), and serves Boston’s API Arts Network and StageSource’s Board. Their writing is published/forthcoming in The Wave, HowlRound Theatre Commons, Marías at Sampaguitas, CONSTRUCT zine, and The Gay & Lesbian Review. They are an Artist in Community Fellow at Arts Connect International, and last month, they premiered their solo show The First Pineapple and Other Folktales at Central Square Theatre’s Starlight Square. Learn more at (they/them)

For more information on this program or any of the plays included, please email Alex Lonati at Happy reading!