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SpeakEasy’s mission to connect our audience, staff and artists through production means that we are constantly seeking the best new talent in Boston to join our community. In this section you’ll find information on job opportunities, internships, fellowships and auditions throughout SpeakEasy’s season. We also post all opportunities on the StageSource hotline, and most major job sites when applicable.

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Equity Principal Auditions, 2016-2017 Season

Season DRAMAS: April 14th, 2016, 9:30am – 5:30pm
(Lunch break 12:30pm – 1:30pm)

Season MUSICALS: April 25th, 2016, 11:30am – 5:00pm
(Lunch break 12:00pm – 1:30pm)

Location: Calderwood Pavilion, 527 Tremont St.

For an appointment, please email Please be sure to include:

  • A contact phone number and email
  • Equity status
  • The hour during which you would like to be seen.

You will receive an email confirming your audition time. Please bring TWO copies of your stapled headshot /resume to the audition.

We will only be able to see Union performers on these days. SpeakEasy will be attending both non-union days of the StageSource General Auditions, and interested actors are always welcome to submit a headshot and resume to

  • Season Drama Roles: April 14th

    by Joshua Harmon
    directed by Paul Daigneault
    September 10th – October 8th, 2016

    From Joshua Harmon, author of the hit play BAD JEWS, comes a sharply observed new comedy about of the challenges of finding love and letting go. Jordan Berman and BFFs Kiki, Lauren, and Vanessa have been inseparable up until now; but as singles’ nights become bachelorette parties, Jordan finds himself increasingly on his own. As these once passionate friendships morph and cool, Jordan starts to worry about his own prospects, embarking on a series of romantic misadventures on a quest to find Mr. Right.

    LAURA: (Female – late 20s) Ambitious, intelligent and funny, Laura is the anchor of her friend group. Incredibly caring and a very good friend, she believes that in Tony she’s found someone who can show her the same kind of care she often gives to others.

    VANESSA: (Female – late 20s) Vanessa is a glass half-empty kind of woman with a dry sense of humor who has given up on love. However, she is transformed and her outlook on love changed when she meets Roger.

    KIKI: (Female – late 20s) A brash, hilarious New Yorker who always speaks her mind, she is the first of the group to get married–to everyone’s surprise, including her own.

    WILL/CONRAD/TONY: (Male – late 20s) All three men are attractive and either the love interest or object of affection of another character. Will: Jordan’s sexually ambiguous co-worker. Conrad: Kiki’s significant other, he is slightly dull but absolutely crazy about Kiki. Tony: a teacher and a legitimately good guy, he is Laura’s significant other.

    GIDEON/EVAN/ROGER: (Male – late 20s) Gideon: Jordan’s date; kind and intelligent. Evan: Jordan’s co-worker; dramatic, loves to be the center of attention. Roger: Vanessa’s significant other, a quiet guy who adores her.

    The roles of JORDAN BERMAN and HELENE BERMAN have already been cast.


    by Robert Askins
    directed by David Gammons
    January 7th – February 4th, 2017

    Tyrone causes trouble. Tyrone breaks things. Tyrone wants to hurt people, which is bad news for Jason, because Tyrone is Jason’s sock puppet, and he’s refusing to go away. Created as a coping mechanism for a shy and introverted teen, Tyrone now battles Jason for the body that they share, and the church’s after-school activities program will never be the same. Robert Askins explodes notions of morality, family and possession of all kinds in this vicious and oddly heart-warming comedy about a boy and his right hand.

    JASON/TYRONE: (Male – 15-17. To be played by an adult 18-25) Jason is a shy, inarticulate and mild-mannered teenager with an aggressive, foul-mouthed, articulate alter-ego, Tyrone.

    JESSICA: (Female – 15-17. To be played by an adult 18-25) Smart, somewhat introverted high-school outsider. Droll and deadpan, yet kind and helpful to those in need.

    TIMOTHY: (Male – 15-17. To be played by an adult 18-25) High school alpha male. He masks his troubled vulnerability with assertiveness.

    PASTOR GREG: (Male – 45-50) Seemingly supportive, yet desperately lonely pastor of a small town.

    The role of MARGERY has already been cast.


    by Heidi Schreck
    directed by Bridget Kathleen O’Leary
    March 4th – April 1st, 2017

    Called to a life of religious service, Shelley now struggles to find meaning in her work as the manager of a Bronx soup kitchen. The arrival of Emma, a college dropout looking for a sense of purpose, is at first a welcome addition, but the girl’s erratic behavior soon pushes Shelley to the breaking point, in this compelling drama about the mysteries of faith, forgiveness, and compassion.

    EMMA: (Female – 20) Emma is a charismatic, vulnerable and dishonest college dropout who volunteers at the soup kitchen.

    OSCAR: (Latino Male – late 20s-30s) Security guard. Worked as a dentist in the Dominican Republic. Kind-hearted and endearing.

    The roles of SHELLEY and FROG have already been cast.

  • Season Musical Roles: April 25th

    Music & Lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb
    Book by David Thompson
    Directed by Paul Daigneault
    October 22nd – November 26th, 2016

    In this, their final collaboration, legendary songwriting team John Kander and Fred Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago) bring to light one of the most infamous events in American history: the shocking true story of nine African American boys jailed in Alabama in 1931 for a crime they did not commit. Featuring a period-specific mix of gospel, jazz, and vaudeville, this audacious musical uses the construct of a minstrel show to tell the harrowing true story that provoked a national outrage and helped launch the American Civil Rights Movement.

    MR. TAMBO (Deputy Tambo/ Lawyer Tambo /Guard Tambo/ Samuel Leibowitz): (African American Male, Age: 20-30) an over-the-top and caricatured comedic entertainer with the minstrel show.

    THE LADY: (African American Female, 35-50) After a long day of work in 1955, her memories while waiting for the bus trigger a retelling of the story of the Scottsboro Boys. Her action frames the story.

    ANDY WRIGHT: (African American Male, 18-25) Roy’s older brother and one of the Scottsboro Boys. He and Roy are looking for work to support their mother and sister.

    EUGENE WILLIAMS/ LITTLE GEORGE: (African American Male, 15-20) the youngest of the Scottsboro Boys. He is naïve and vulnerable and suffers from nightmares.

    HAYWOOD PATTERSON: (African American Male, 18-25) The natural leader of the Scottsboro Boys, he is committed to the truth and refuses to give into the demands of white superiors.

    CLARENCE NORRIS / PREACHEr: (African American Male, 18-25) A Scottsboro Boy with a short temper. He is travelling to start a job on a river barge in memphis.

    WILLIE ROBERSON / ELECTRIFIED CHARLIE: (African American Male, 16-21) A thrill seeking Scottsboro Boy, with a habit of stealing from his white jailers.

    OZIE POWELL / RUBY BATES: (African American Male, 18-25) A Scottsboro Boy looking for more humane work, he ultimately driven to violence against the prison guards.

    ROY WRIGHT/ ELECTRIFIED ISAAC / BILLY: (African American Male, 20-25) Andy’s precocious younger brother, he is the only literate Scottsboro Boy until he teaches Haywood how to read.

    CHARLES WEEMS / VICTORIA PRICE: (African American Male, 18-25) A Scottsboro Boy, he is a young illiterate man heading home to Atlanta

    OLEN MONTGOMERY: (African American Male 18-25) A Scottsboro Boy with poor vision who was kicked out by his father. He initially tries to blame the other boys to get out of trouble himself.

    The roles of MR. BONES and THE INTERLOCUTOR have already been cast.


    Book by Marsha Norman
    Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
    directed by M. Bevin O’Gara
    May 6th – June 3rd, 2017

    A chance meeting between an Italian-American farm wife and a world weary photographer leads to a soul-stirring affair in this lush, lyrical musical by the Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning team of Marsha Norman (‘night, Mother) and Jason Robert Brown (The Last Five Years, Parade,Songs for a New World). Winner of two Tony Awards, this sweeping saga combines thrilling intimacy with near-operatic grandeur for a heart-rending reflection on love, loss, and acceptance.

    RICHARD “BUD” JOHNSON: (Male, 40s, Any Ethnicity) Francesca’s husband. A diligent and dependable All-American man.

    ROBERT KINCAID: (Male, 40-50, Any Ethnicity) A rugged and attractive photographer, travelling to photograph the famous covered bridges of Madison County.

    MARIAN / CHIARA: (Female, 40s, Any Ethnicity) Robert’s former wife, a musician and photographer.

    MICHAEL: (Male, 16, Any Ethnicity) Francesca and Bud’s rebellious son. He’s a farm boy who doesn’t want to be a farmer, and yearns for more when he grows up.

    CAROLYN: (Female, 14, Any Ethnicity) Francesca and Bud’s reluctant daughter.

    CHARLIE: (Male, 60s, Any Ethnicity) Francesca’s and Bud’s neighbor, a farmer through and through. Husband of Marge.

    The roles of FRANCESCA and MARGE have already been cast.

Audition Info:

FOR DRAMAS: Auditions will be in 5-minute slots. Actors may read one or more scenes from the season’s plays, perform one or more monologues, or prepare a combination of scene(s) and monologues(s) from other sources. SpeakEasy suggests, if not performing scenes, to choose two contrasting monologues

FOR MUSICALS: Auditions will be in 5-minute slots. Performers may audition with material from one or more of the season’s shows, or may also prepare two 16-bar selections, one up-tempo and one ballad. An accompanist, readers, and material from the scripts will be available. If singing, please bring sheet music.

Actors of color are strongly encouraged to audition, and all roles are open to inclusive casting unless otherwise specified. Speakeasy Stage shall conduct all auditions/interviews in a manner that promotes fair consideration to ethnic minorities, women, seniors and performers with disabilities. SpeakEasy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Play Submissions


The 2017 Boston Project

Proposals are now being accepted for the 2018 Boston Project, a new play development initiative which aims to create plays set in our hometown. Check out the submission guidelines, and get your proposal in by May 15th, 2017!

Boston & New England Playwrights
As part of our mission to support local artists, SpeakEasy Stage Company accepts unsolicited scripts directly from playwrights who live in New England (this does not include New York). Local writers, please email the full text of your play, saved as a .pdf, and a current theatrical resume to No paper submissions, please.

Non-Local Playwrights
We are not able to accept unsolicited submissions from writers outside of the New England area. However, we accept submissions from agents and development organizations in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Local Readings & Workshops
We understand that the best way to experience a script is live and on its feet, and so we try to see as many local staged readings, workshops and world premieres as possible. If your play is receiving a public reading or performance, e-mail information on the date, time, and responsible theatre company to, and we’ll make every effort to have a representative attend.


We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, gender identification, or physical ability. We will make reasonable accommodations for interviews and service.
When emailing resumes and materials, please be sure to put the name of the position to which you are applying in the subject line.

There are no positions open at this time. Thank you for your consideration.


SpeakEasy internships are an excellent way to learn more about the workings of a professional theatre company, through hands-on experience and mentorship. Our work environment is supportive and open, giving interns access to the multidisciplinary art of theatre management, which includes the rehearsal and production process, community outreach, development, marketing and general management.

We are currently hiring interns for Summer 2017. Internship Applications for this term should be submitted by April 15, 2017, but are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early application is encouraged.

All internships are available for one semester, for the season (Aug/Sept-May), or for the calendar year. Production internships may also be undertaken on a show-by-show basis. Internships are a minimum of 16 hours per week, are unpaid, and do not carry promise of employment after completion, though they may be used for school credit (if your college permits). In addition, we are happy to offer free tickets to our shows and events to all interns, along with full access to other company events whenever possible.

  • Arts Administration

    Administrative Interns gain exposure to all facets of managing a mid-sized non-profit theatre company, working closely with the Artistic, Development, Marketing, and Production departments as they:

    • Prepare dramaturgical and marketing materials for upcoming productions
    • Coordinate and assist with special events, readings and benefits
    • Lay the groundwork for donor and audience engagement initiatives
    • Read and Assess script submissions from local and national writers
    • Build relationship with audiences and volunteers

    Interns will be expected both to help with general office duties, and also take on and manage a wide variety of necessary tasks throughout the semester. Candidates with a passion and love of theatre, good writing and computer skills, and a gregarious, outgoing, and enthusiastic personality will be the best fit for this position. Administration internships are directly supervised by Jennie Morris, Administrative  Associate.

  • Marketing

    Marketing Interns assist SpeakEasy’s marketing team as they:

    • Plan production marketing campaigns, including poster and postcard design, web design, ad placement, promotions, group sales, special events, business partnerships and more
    • Work with the press to ensure a show gets maximum exposure, including photos, preview articles, reviews, and features
    • Enact public relations efforts, including community building and outreach, educational efforts, and charity donations Interact with patrons and subscribers, and help the public learn about a production from all sides

    Candidates for this internship should be motivated, with good people skills, computer literacy and experience with Microsoft Office (familiarity with Adobe Photoshop is a plus). The ideal applicant will have a basic knowledge of common social networking devices, such as Facebook and Twitter, and will possess superior writing skills. Some graphic design experience is preferable. Marketing internships are directly supervised by Jim Torres, Director of Marketing, Press and Public Relations.

  • Theatre Management

    Theatre Management Interns assist SpeakEasy’s administrative and production staffs as they:

    • Develop and maintain contracts and vendor relations
    • Handle day-to-day accounting and payroll
    • Plan medium and long-term schedules and budgets
    • Manage the many details that keep an organization running smoothly.

    Candidates should have some experience in theatre production (either professional, community, or educational), as well as knowledge of Microsoft Office apps (especially MS Excel), and strong self-management skills. If everyone says you’re organized, yet you never feel organized enough, this is the position for you. Must love lists. Theatre Management internships are directly supervised by Paul Melone, General and Production Manager

  • Theatre Production

    Production interns assist SpeakEasy’s production and stage management staffs as they coordinate, design and execute mainstage productions and special events. Interns have the opportunity to assist with multiple facets of a show, including:

    • Stage Management
    • Props
    • Costumes
    • Set Construction and Painting
    • Lighting and Electrics
    • Sound
    • Load-in and Strike

    Candidates should have some previous experience working backstage, as well as basic computer skills.  Individuals with a passion for a specific discipline (stage management, or sound design, for example) are encouraged to apply and list their primary area of interest. Production Management internships are directly supervised by Paul Melone, General and Production Manager

  • Application Information

    To apply, please submit:

    • A cover letter indicating your areas of interest and experience, your preferred start date, weekly availability (if available), and whether you plan to receive college credit for your internship
    • A resume or resumes detailing both your administrative and theatrical experience
    • The names and contact information of two references
    • A writing sample (optional)

    Application materials should be e-mailed to, with the position to which you are applying in the subject heading. Internship Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early application is encouraged.


The SpeakEasy Fellowship Program acts as a bridge for early-career arts administrators between their academic experience and a professional life in the arts. Working closely with the director of their department, fellows gain mentorship, career guidance, and hands-on experience through independent and collaborative projects over the course of a full theatrical season.

Next season’s fellowships will run from August 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2018, and involve 25 hours of on-site work per week, with occasional evening and weekend events. Each fellowship is paid.

Specific criteria for each position and application information are below, but successful candidates for any of the fellowships will have:

  • A high level of motivation and a passion for theatre
  • The ability to work effectively in a highly-collaborative environment
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Apps and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Drive, initiative, and professionalism
  • Excellent creative problem-solving, brainstorming, and multi-tasking skills

Applications for the 2017-2018 Fellowships are due by 5:00pm EST on May 15th, 2017. Please see full application requirements to the right.

  • Artistic Fellowship

    Working under the Producing Artistic Director, the Artistic Fellow will spend the season gaining experience in high-level theatrical administration, with responsibility in multiple areas, including auditions and casting, dramaturgy and literary management, season development, special event production, and general administrative duties. Applicants for this fellowship should be interested in pursuing a career as an artistic director of a theatre company.

  • Marketing Fellowship

    Working under the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Fellow will gain both high level and hands-on experience in theatrical publicity and communications, with responsibility in multiple areas, including press outreach and promotion, audience engagement events, group sales, e-blasts and social media, subscription campaigns, budgeting and finance management, and audience relations. Applicants interested in this fellowship should be interested in pursuing a career in marketing, public relations, and/or arts administration.

  • Production Fellowship

    Working under the General and Production Manager, the Production Fellow will spend the season gaining experience in both the hands-on and day-to-day administrative operations and hands-on implementation of a five-show production cycle. The fellow will play a key role in the production of SpeakEasy’s fall benefit and spring gala, and take the lead on producing the spring Boston Project workshops and staged readings. Applicants for this fellowship should be interested in pursuing a career as the production or general manager of a theatre company.


Application Requirements

To apply for any of the fellowships, please prepare:

  • A cover letter detailing which fellowship you are applying for
  • A resume containing relevant job history and theatre experience
  • A narrative of no more than three pages addressing:
    • Why you are interested in the fellowship to which you are applying
    • The qualities, skills, and interests that make you the best candidate
    • What you are hoping to gain from the fellowship experience
    • A description of your broader career goals, and what impact or transformation you would like to have in the Boston theatre community
  • A brief description (no more than one page) of either the most moving piece of theatre you’ve ever seen, or an artist who inspires you
  • Two letters of recommendation from former employers, professors, or supervisors (with at least one being from a staff member of an arts organization or a theatre professor). These letters may be sent separately via e-mail to, but must be received by the application due date.

Application materials should be saved in .pdf format and submitted via e-mail to by 5:00pm EST on May 15th, 2017. Please indicate the fellowship to which you are applying in the subject heading of your e-mail.

Any questions regarding SpeakEasy, the Fellowship program, or the application process may be directed to