From Director Summer L. Williams

Summer L. Williams, one of the founders of Company One, will be making her SpeakEasy Stage debut with BOOTYCANDY. She has directed over a dozen Boston-area productions including Colossal, Intimate ApparelWe are Proud to Present …, The Brother/Sister Plays, Voyeurs de Venus, and Jesus Hopped the A Train.

She recently spoke to us about playwright Robert O’Hara’s unconventional script and the unexpected thrills awaiting the audience.


MAR 12 – APR 9, 2016

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What is BOOTYCANDY about?

BOOTYCANDY is a searingly funny, edgy exploration of maleness, blackness and homosexuality. That’s a tricky triangle and it’s sharp on all sides. It’s a play about sex and sexuality, lust and desire. I mean … it’s called BOOTYCANDY. Go on … let the mind wander ….

What is exciting to you about this project?

It’s so damn funny and sort of dangerous at the same time. Robert O’Hara is a genius playwright who alternately pushes and pulls us through the story using different voices, tactics, and storytelling devices. The thought of navigating it all is exhilarating.

Why will SpeakEasy audiences love this show?

It’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before! I’m so excited about the stellar cast we’ve put together. Hopefully people will be howling with laughter, elbowing each other and shaking their heads all at the same time! It’s a randy good time!